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Valve Gate Nozzles
Black Box™

The World's Most Reliable Valve Gate Actuators
Rheo-Pro® Black Box™ pneumatic valve gate actuators perform even under the most extreme operating conditions by doing away with elastomeric seals, lubricants, and cooling. The new technology is ideal for all valve gate applications, including high temperature and clean room molding. Black Box™ cylinders are available in two sizes for a wide range of applications, the VA4010 and the larger VA6015.

The new Black Box™ VA6015 actuator is ideal for all large valve gate hot runner applications

More Mold Uptime, Zero Maintenance
This new technology is characterized by its durability and maintenance-free operation over millions of cycles. No more production outages to replace seals or cooling lines. This feature makes Black Box™ cylinders especially attractive for continuous operation in high endurance tools running automated mass production. By contrast, cylinder maintenance for conventional valve gate actuators is complicated in high temperature environments, especially inside stack molds and tandem molds.

Rheo-Pro® Black Box™ VA6015 mounted with a large N30 valve gate nozzle. The new cylinder offers more shut off force than conventional actuators.

Optimized for Clean Room Molding
The Black Box™ is the first economical alternative to electric valve gates in clean room manufacturing environments (e.g. for medical plastic parts). It is especially well suited for sterile high cavity molds because there is no abrasion of sealing material or contamination from lubricants.

Rheo-Pro® VA4010 Black Box™ valve gate cylinders are clean, compact, and extremely durable

Built Tough for All Processing Temperatures
Increasingly, automotive, medical, and electronics manufacturers are turning to high temperature plastics such as PEEK, LCP, PSU, PEI, and PPS for their special properties. Processing these materials requires high melt temperatures of up to 450°C in the hot runner and mold temperatures of over 200°C. The VA4010 and VA6015 deliver precision performance in these hot conditions, without cooling or wear.

Automotive ball bearing cage, glass filled PEEK processed at 400°C melt temperature and 200°C mold temperature


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  Compact dimensions  
  No seals, no lubrication, no maintenance  
  Suitable for high processing temperatures  
  No cooling required  
  Produces more force than conventional valve gate cylinders  
  Fast, precise air actuation  
  Ideal for clean room molding environments  
  Energy savings improve production cost and carbon footprint  
  Easy to adjust valve pins for optimized gate quality  

Precision Fill
The instantaneous switching accuracy of the cylinder is in the millisecond range. Synchronicity across all mold cavities ensures that each part fills with absolute consistency. Its speed and reliability make the Rheo-Pro® Black Box™ ideal for cascade injection and sequential valve gating.

24 cavity hot half with small N04 nozzles and cooling-free Black Box™ VA4010 valve gate actuators for clean room molding of medical parts

Superior Part Surface Quality
The height of the valve pin (or valve stem) can be adjusted easily and accurately using a flat head screwdriver. This allows for quick fine tuning of the gate and contributes to optimized surface quality on the plastic part.

Black Box™ VA6015 valve gate cylinders in a large stack mold application with four valve gate to valve gate melt transfers


Fully Interchangeable Components
The new line of Rheo-Pro® Black Box™ valve gate actuators is fully compatible with standard VA Series cylinders for fast, easy retrofits of existing hot runner systems. To find out more about upgrading to Black Box™, please contact MHS.

Black Box™ specifications available in PDF, DXF, and Parasolid file formats

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